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The Competitor The Competitor

Rated 4 / 5 stars

great concept + art style; a little repetitive

Great mix of shooting with tactical elements and drawing something.Once you understand what to do the controls and everything feel really intuitive and work well.

Only complaint is, that the ship types are to equal to each other, you end up doing always the same thing: draw some walls, draw some attackers...

And the changes through the first courses where always something new apprears, don't change anything on the game: you get a more powerful ship, the opponent gets more powerful, ... so they cancel each other out (thats why I stopped playing once I had all ships unlocked). Something with a little more variaty would be fine (maybe ships that patrol the path you drew, maybe some one-time-bonus items that randomly appear on stage and will be yours when you can protect them for a given time, ...)

To sum it up: great concept, lots of fun, feels really fresh. Unfortunately to little variaty to feel like a "large" game.

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A Dark Day In Clocktopia A Dark Day In Clocktopia

Rated 1 / 5 stars

nice mood; confusing; buggy

Am I the only one who didn't even find the play-button at the beginning?

Sound and general graphic style create a nice mood.

Controls and hit detection often don't act like you expected them, that's a problem. After I completed two minigames (gba + hangman), I suddenly saw the end sceen. What was that about?

You did a nice job to create the starting mood of the game, but the rest needs a lot more polish. Maybe for your next game don't try to do lots of minigames (I only saw 2 of them, but read here that there are more), but better try to do only a few that are fun to play and bugless.

And please don't make "starting the game" a challenge. Do a large "play" button at the start screen, you don't want to loose players at the very beginning.

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